Competitive Intelligence (CI) Tracker

2Telligence’s Online Competitive Intelligence (CI) Tracker is an extremely accessible online solution. It allows any department, business or peer group to effectively and efficiently manage its complete competitive landscape through Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Collective Intelligence and Collaborative Intelligence.

Open Source Intelligence Manager

Reduce your current news subscriptions by as much as 80% and
access over 1,500 news sources from our Exchange Database.
Or 'Do It Yourself' and insert your own news sources. Within
minutes you track your market topics, competitors and customers
and share the latest insights with your colleagues through daily
email alerts. 2Telligence enables you to eliminate any 'noise'.

Opportunity & Threat Manager

Capture, share and track your own opportunities and threats
across multiple departments and geographical locations.
Not enough time? Go to our Exchange Database and smart-
source industry opportunities and threats published by our
multi-agent network of ESOMAR certified market researchers!

Competitive Benchmark Manager

Not sure about a certain change in your competitive
landscape or you simple require an industry opinion?
Request a micro-survey! In minutes we set up a benchmark
survey with you, distribute to your industry peers and
share results.


File Manager

Organize and manage your CI related files through a single
portal. We make it easy to upload information and share
with your colleagues or peer group members. Need help
monitoring your online publications? No problem. We can
set up, monitor and categories open source publications
for you within minutes.


Peer Group Manager

Create peer groups, invite peers and collaborate with
other organisations in your industry (anonymously or not).
You can easily share insights, opinions, documents and
files with whom you want, whenever you want.